Interdependent Origination (I.O.), or emptiness, necessitates phenomenal existence dependent on causes and conditions. According to leading theories in mindfulness, this is why we get into so much trouble when we do not pay attention to or when we resist the moment. X is dependent on Y, and Y is dependent on X. You might relate to the modern concept of relativity, a helpful jumping off point for understanding I.O.. Think fluidity, not complexity.

For example, something is on the left because something is on the right. Thing A’s conceptual existence is entirely dependent on the existence of other things (that…

This is not advice for how to participate in venture markets

From healthcare to education, optimization of existing processes and iterative technological development drive short-term value. On the other hand, disruptive innovations are responsible for greater, long-term gains in quality.

The venture model means we hope startups change markets, and the Lean Startup model is an incredible framework for building things that people want. The problem is, disruptive innovations have short-term cost disadvantages. Therefore, early stage disruptive innovations are at a market disadvantage.

Disruptive innovations are evaluated within the lean startup paradigm in part by early stage traction. Because early stage disruptive innovations are at a market disadvantage, early stage traction…

Labor or leisure, the ability to maintain focus is at a premium. With a constant array of both internal and digital distractions, staying focused can help you work through that lengthy assignment or engage with your favorite piece of media.

Lumiate is designed to help you focus on what is important in the present moment, or in life generally. But its novel approach can create doubt without understanding the underlying cognitive science.

Perceptual adaptation and load in Lumiate

Lumiate combines mindfulness meditation with a cyclical screen effect, gently shifting the hue of your screen, waxing and waning like the breath cycle. Created to support a mindful…

Lumiate is a new kind of mindfulness app that pairs science-backed meditation with its patented Light Cycle. The Cycle gently shifts the hue of your screen, waxing and waning like the breath cycle.

On the surface, the Cycle can guide meditation and reduce distraction without interrupting workflow. But mindfulness practitioners and researchers alike will tell you that basic anchoring techniques, like observing the breath or the Cycle, are of relatively impermanent benefit. Fortunately, Lumiate pairs beginner-to-advanced guided meditation programs with the Cycle, creating a cognitive “save-point” for your meditative states. …

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The popularity of mindfulness and meditation has increased in large part due to the growing body of evidence supporting efficacy. What was once considered something for the “spiritual types” has since been adopted by those looking for a competitive edge.

Business leaders like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Jeff Weiner of Linkedin practice daily, while corporations like Google, Apple, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs have adopted mindfulness programs for their employees. In fact, health giant Aetna reported employees’ annual productivity rose by about $3,000 each by participating in a mindfulness training program.

This article covers 25 benefits of mindfulness and…

Simulated for demonstration. It’s free if you want to see it yourself.

What if you could decrease the amount of light, even blue light, coming from your screen and increase focus through the same mechanism? New software cyclically alters the light coming from your screen. This patented stimulus decreases the amount of certain wavelengths while increasing focus from the unconscious.

Let’s start with what’s new: focus.

Lumiate works by managing your attention according to “perceptual load theory,” an intuitive theory of attention.

Our brains have a limited amount of attentional capacity. But this doesn’t create focus problems in the way that you may think. We have problems with focus because our brains must use all of their attentional…

James Esch Duran

Founder @ Lumiate delivers preventative care while you use Facebook or do anything else online.

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